Some artists use paint to create their masterpieces. At Melinda’s, we use peppers! Plus a palette of other fresh, flavorful ingredients to create our uniquely delicious peppers sauces. With flavors and heat levels to satisfy any taste! You put passion and creativity into your cooking. Why settle for anything less from your seasonings?



Scott Zalkind
“Huge fan of this brand – I have several, but keep going back to the Scotch Bonnet sauce – it’s tremendous. Great snappy balance of flavor & heat – incredible on jerk chicken & pork. Get you some!”
Scott Zalkind Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Co.
Chad Miller
“Best mix of flavor and heat there is. Melinda’s doesn’t use extracts, but uses the pepper itself, which allows you to taste the flavor of the pepper.  My favorite is the Red Savina sauce, but they’re all good.”
Chad Miller
Jason Ritchings
“Fan for about 10 years recently discovered a vendor close by who sells this. Best hot sauce on the market. Heat is intense in all varieties but it never overwhelms the flavor. Perfect.”
Jason Ritchings
Mike Pomeroy
“Hands down the best sauce that can be found. I drive an hour and a half just to buy it. So I’ll buy 10-15 bottles at a time and it never lasts long.”
Mike Pomeroy
Phillip Holton
“I stick with the Habanero XXXX which can be purchased by the gallon to refill my many empty bottles. Lasts about a year:)”
Phillip Holton

Variety is the Spice of Life

Melinda’s doesn’t just do Habanero pepper sauces, we also embrace variety.


Meet Chef Uno Immanivong

Chef Uno was recently seen on “ABC’s The Taste” competing on Anthony Bourdain’s team.


Inspired by Fire

Melinda’s is famous for its all-natural balance of heat and flavor.