Melinda’s Pizza Hot Sauce Ranch 12oz (6 pk Case)

Regular price $37.99

Melinda’s Pizza Hot Sauce Ranch 12oz (6 pk Case)

Regular price $37.99
HEAT LEVELHeat Level: 1
Zesty, spicy, tangy, creamy, bold
Pairing ideas
Pizza, wings, sandwiches, salads, snacks
Elevate your pizza experience with Melinda's Pizza Hot Sauce Ranch. This delectable sauce is a genius fusion of zesty hot sauce and creamy ranch, designed to add an exhilarating twist to your favorite pizza slices. Its unique blend brings together the bold kick of classic hot sauce with the smooth, tangy finish of ranch dressing, creating a flavor profile that's both invigorating and delightfully balanced. Perfect for drizzling over any pizza, from classic pepperoni to veggie-loaded delights, it promises to turn every bite into a mouthwatering adventure. Not just for pizza, this versatile sauce can also transform wings, dips, and sandwiches into gourmet experiences. Get ready to redefine your pizza nights with Melinda's Pizza Hot Sauce Ranch!
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INGREDIENTS: Pizza hot sauce [pepper mash (cayenne pepper, sweet pepper), white vinegar, water, salt, tomato puree, white onion, garlic, pepper flakes, xanthan gum], soybean vegetable oil, water, milk cream, white vinegar, egg yolks, sugar, modified starch, citric acid, xanthan gum, preservatives (sodium benzoate, salt, natamycin), rosemary extract, garlic powder, onion powder, yeast extract, ground black pepper

ALLERGY INFO: Contains milk, egg. May contain traces of tree nuts (coconut), soybeans, sesame.

Product of Colombia
Imported & Distributed by
Melinda’s Foods, LLC
Irving, TX 75038 / 800.886.6354