Why Do People Like Spicy Food?

Why Do People Like Spicy Food?

‘It isn’t hot enough unless I'm covered in sweat while eating’. A friend made this statement after eating her favorite Melinda’s hot sauce with her meal. Why do we like spicy food so much? There is an excellent reason for obsessing over spicy food. Because eating spicy can cause your body –pituitary gland and hypothalamus specifically, to release endorphins. Endorphins can be known as a trigger happy chemical, which gives you an instant feeling of pleasure from head to toe. People crave the spiciness of food just the same way they crave something sweet or salty.

The use of spicy food to feel pleasure can seem a bit similar to drug addiction. Experts have said there is no harm in enjoying the burn, and the bliss accompanying it. Chemical food tastes hot because of the synthesized molecules, such as capsaicin which excites the pain receptors on your tongue that are linked to the sensation of temperature. Spicy food lovers aren’t born with an affinity for spicy foods. It is instead acquired over time.

The benefits of spicy food continue to grow at a speed that is break necking. Consumption of spicy foods in various forms is becoming increasingly popular — spices like cinnamon, ginger, garlic, cumin, as well as chili host many health benefits.

Spicy Food Aids in Longevity.

When you eat a spicy food every day for six or seven days per week, your mortality rate lowers by 14 percent. This fact was from a study carried out by Harvard and China National Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Spicy Food Hastens Up Your Metabolism.

Data from studies worldwide shows that certain spices, for example, cumin, cinnamon, peppers, turmeric, and chilies, can raise your metabolism resting rate as well as reduce your appetite. In your weight loss journey, spicing your food up should be given a trial.

Spicy Food Also Combats Inflammation And May Even Help In Fighting Cancer Cells.

The health benefits, as well as heat, comes from the chemical capsaicin. The capsaicin acts as an anti-irritant in the digestive tract. For example, pepper powder is beneficial for patients that have an ulcer, and it heals an upset stomach. It also reduces intestinal gas, cures diarrhea and acts as a natural remedy for cramps

Spicy Food Also Promotes A Healthy Heart.

It dilates the blood vessel to aid in blood flow. It leads to a decrease in blood pressure.

Spicy Food Mitigates Migraines.

When you consume spicy food, your body becomes desensitized to the migraine, and the overall sensation of the pain is lessened.

Spicy Food Can Boost The Production Of Feel-Good Hormones Such As Serotonin.

They help to ease depression and stress. What could be a side effect of overeating spicy food? It may increase breakouts which lead to acne. You can also get heartburn from overeating spicy food. For fans of hot wings, curries, chili and other flamin’ foods, keep the flag of spicy hotness flying.