Melinda’s Green Sauce


You want fire?  That’s easy.  Anyone can strike a match, but few can strike a balance. A balance where heat and flavor find themselves on equal footing.  At Melinda’s, we pride ourselves on striking that perfect balance in every sauce we make.  Get ready to set your mouth on flavor.

Melinda’s  Green Sauce.  The social sauce – gets along with any cuisine and should be invited to every meal.  Our green sauce blends all of the good green stuff: Jalapeños, green tomatoes, spinach, cilantro and lime.  Then we add a little garlic and Red Habanero for a little dragon fire.  Made the Melinda’s way:  with whole, fresh ingredients and the best peppers on the planet for people who care about those kinds of things.  Uses: Great with Asian, Latin cuisine and on practically everything.

Heat Level:

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Ingredients: White vinegar, water, Jalapeño peppers, green tomato, sugar, cilantro, salt, spinach powder, garlic, lime juice, Habanero peppers, citric acid, xanthan gum.

Allergy information:May contain traces of tree nuts (coconut), egg, soybeans, milk.


Product of Colombia
Imported & Distributed by Melinda’s Foods, LLC Irving, TX 75038 800.886.6354

Weight 12 oz
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8 reviews for Melinda’s Green Sauce

  1. Todd Keebs

    Lovvvve this sauce! Melinda’s has been my fav habanero sauce for years and this sauce is great on just about anything. Looking forward to trying the rest of the wing sauces!

  2. Clayton Reed (verified owner)

    I love Melinda’s sauces, although I don’t normally go over the medium heat level, but whatever the case, this is my new favorite! Absolutely wonderful sauce, and best of all, I find it incredibly versatile.

  3. Nicole Mier

    Holyshit the sauce is so good! I live in a town that does not have cilantro in anything . This makes Coronapocalypse food taste good. I hate to share but it is available at Walmart but leave a bottle for me.

  4. Lotus Halligan

    love this sauce we put it on everything!!

  5. Kim V

    We discovered this sauce at Firehouse and we both love it. It’s not too hot for those of us that like medium heat, but very flavorful. It’s tangy and compliments lot of foods. My husband goes for very hot flavors, especially that of ghost pepper, and he loves it, too. We are about to order more flavors to try.
    ***Hey “Melinda”, please make a Sriracha ketchup! We can’t find any after Sprouts stopped making it.***

  6. Elle

    This stuff is the BEST!!!! SO flavorful which is hard to find in a hot sauce, just the perfect light amount of heat. It’s rich and green. My boyfriend called it the best sauce he’s ever had and I think I have to agree!

  7. WES822 (verified owner)

    This sauce will take anything to flavorville, but adding it to breakfast tacos/burritos will change your life. If Melinda’s ever stops making this stuff, there will be riots.

  8. darkshadowsofthenight (verified owner)

    Another excellent sauce. Truly I see this pairing with any food. Tangy with a little heat. Very fresh full bodied flavor. This may be one sauce EVERYONE can enjoy. Melinda’s continues to amaze!

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