So you’ve decided to take a walk on the flavorful side…

Welcome to Melinda’s: home of the freshest ingredients, mouthwatering flavor, and specialty peppers! We’re for the daring chef, the adventurous taste-tester, and for every lone taste bud. When it comes to unique flavor and heat, we’re on another level. And we want your guests to taste the Melinda’s Difference too!

Set your mouth on flavor with Melinda’s!


The Spicy Deets

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  3. Get your sauces delivered straight to your hungry patrons for 90 days–no obligation, no risk
  4. After 90 days, if we’re just not right for you- that’s fine! We won’t take it personally
  5. If your customers are begging you for more Melinda’s and you want to KEEP us on your tables, we’ll make it easy to connect you with our many distributors and buying options to help get you the best rate