Melinda's Hot Sauce Featured in Forbes!

Melinda's Hot Sauce Featured in Forbes!

We're thrilled to announce that our very own President and Co-founder, Chef David Figueroa of Melinda's Hot Sauce, was recently featured in a Forbes article by Camryn Rabideau! The article, titled "The 6 Best Cookware Sets With First-Rate Pots And Pans," published on January 22, 2024, highlights the essential cookware every home kitchen needs.

In the article, Chef Figueroa shares his insights on selecting the right cookware, emphasizing the importance of considering specific needs and the advantages of uniformity when purchasing a full set. He also discusses the benefits and limitations of different types of cookware materials, such as stainless steel, nonstick, and ceramic.

Our involvement in such a prestigious publication reflects our commitment to quality and excellence, not just in our hot sauce products but also in contributing valuable knowledge to the culinary world. We're proud to be recognized by Forbes, a testament to our passion and dedication in the food industry.

For more details on Chef Figueroa's expert advice and the best cookware sets according to Forbes, read the full article here.

Stay spicy!