Melinda's and the Magic of the Fish Spatula: Featured in Martha Stewart Living

Melinda's and the Magic of the Fish Spatula: Featured in Martha Stewart Living

We are excited to announce that Melinda's very own David Figueroa has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, a pinnacle of lifestyle and culinary excellence. In the recent article titled "10 Kitchen Tools That Make Cooking So Much Easier", David shares his expert insights on a surprisingly versatile kitchen tool—the fish spatula.

The Unsung Hero of the Kitchen

"It's not just for fish! You really can't beat the versatility of a fish spatula. We use it to turn eggs and flip pancakes," David remarks in the article. He goes on to describe the fish spatula as the "unsung hero of spatulas," highlighting its utility in our kitchen at Melinda's, where it's used for everything from crafting the perfect smash burgers to delicately flipping fish fillets with finesse.

Why a Fish Spatula?

For those unfamiliar, a fish spatula is slender and flexible, designed to slide easily under delicate items without damaging them. Its design is perfect for handling more than just seafood. The thin, angled edge and slots allow fats and oils to drain away, making it an essential tool for healthy cooking.

A Link Between Tools and Taste

At Melinda's, we believe that the right tools are just as important as the right ingredients. That's why our sauces are crafted with the freshest peppers and produce, ensuring a "harvest-to-hell-yeah" flavor that our fans adore. Similarly, using the right kitchen tools like the fish spatula can elevate your cooking from good to great.

Explore Our Flavors

Inspired by David's feature, why not try some of Melinda’s sauces with your next kitchen creation? Whether you're flipping a batch of spicy pancakes with our Ghost Pepper Sauce or crafting a delicate fish fillet with a dash of our Mango Habanero Sauce, Melinda's has the flavors to enhance every dish.

Thank You, Martha Stewart Living

We are immensely proud to have been included in Martha Stewart Living and grateful for the spotlight on both our beloved founder and the versatility of the fish spatula. This feature is not just a testament to the quality of our products but also to the passion and innovation that drive us every day at Melinda's.


We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the culinary insights shared by our founder. Keep an eye on our blog for more tips, recipes, and stories from the heart of Melinda's kitchen. Happy cooking!