I tested 8 different types of Melinda’s hot sauce | SFGate

I tested 8 different types of Melinda’s hot sauce | SFGate

I despise bland food. I love a variety of spices, and have a good heat tolerance (for an American, anyway). And after trying a variety of spicy sauces, Melinda’s various flavors have become my go-tos for adding some oomph to any meal — while adding barely any extra calories. With dozens of flavors, I’ve found the best flavor pairing for each meal.

This is my Melinda’s experience, with the pros, cons, and everything in between.

The Melinda’s hot sauce flavors

I’ve tried eight flavors of Melinda’s hot sauce and like seven of them a lot. I’ve found it’s essential to match the flavors with the most appropriate food. You also need the right amount as some can be applied amply and others are spicy enough to just need a few drops. This isn’t a situation where you find one sauce you love and soak every food you eat in it.

If you like to mix up what you cook and aren’t positive which flavors you’ll like best (I mean, can you really know until you’ve tried?), I recommend ordering a variety pack.

For example, I’ve gotten A Taste of Melinda’s Collection, which has six different sauce flavors for $40. It includes Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, Black Truffle Hot Sauce, Green Sauce, Fire Roasted Garlic & Habanero, Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce, and Spicy Garlic Parmesan.

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