Celia San Miguel shares her

Celia San Miguel shares her "Great Vegan Finds"

“To elevate your culinary creations, look to Melinda’s and its incredible array of craft pepper sauces — all of which are plant-based and vegan. Founded by brothers Greg and Dave Figueroa, Melinda’s was born out of the desire to bring superior quality and freshness to the hot sauce space. To this day, freshness is at the heart of every Melinda’s sauce — starting, of course, with the best chili peppers on the planet.

Each sauce features a carefully crafted fusion of ingredients that creates a unique journey through the worlds of flavor and heat. Habanero, chipotle, cayenne, Scotch bonnet, jalapeño and Naga Jolokia peppers are married with root vegetables like carrots and onions or tropical fruits like papaya, mango and passion fruit to create exciting sauces that will tantalize taste buds. Some of my favorites include the Mango Habanero Hot Sauce and the Extra Hot Habanero Sauce.

You can find Melinda’s on Amazon and at Walmart, Target, and local grocery stores.”