Creating a world-class hot sauce with four heat levels seems sufficient, but what is life without a little variety. Sourcing other chile peppers from around the globe, experimenting with exotic ingredients and trying different techniques is what passionately crafted peppers sauce is all about.

MangoandGarlicMELINDA’S GARLIC HABANERO PEPPER SAUCE Our first attempt at a new sauce was a fairly simple one.  While eating pizza late one evening we decided that the garlic sauce that came with the pizza sucked.  We love the taste of fresh garlic, but not in some fake buttery concoction, so we added more garlic to our Melinda’s Original Habanero Pepper Sauce.  All the garlic lovers out there rejoiced and it became an instant hit.  

MELINDA’S MANGO HABANERO SAUCE Next came our Melinda’s Mango Habanero Sauce.  We grew up eating a lot of mangoes and always loved the tangy sweet flavor.  We really wanted to craft a sauce that showcased the mango, so we went light on the Habanero.  The result was sweet sunshine in a bottle.  It’s mild and sweet flavor is perfect for glazing meats and as a base for fruit salsas.   It is also good as a dipping sauce.MangoandGarlic

MELINDA’S JALAPENO PEPPER SAUCE While on the subject of mild, we decided on doing a Jalapeño pepper sauce that would be better than the typical Mexican ones available.  No Jalapeño sauce we tried actually tasted like a fresh Jalapeño pepper. Our goal was to craft a Jalapeño pepper sauce with the distinct tangy sweetness and bite of a fresh Jalapeño.

MELINDA’S AMARILLO PEPPER SAUCE Named for the Spanish word for yellow, our Amarillo is a hot mustard pepper sauce that is just right for sausages, burgers, potato salads, salad dressings and more.  If you love mustard and fire, this is the perfect condiment.

ChipotleandFireRoastedMELINDA’S CHIPOTLE PEPPER SAUCE Our Chipotle sauce adds a dose of the smoky Chipotle chile to the mix, bumping up all the flavors of our traditional Melinda’s and making the whole thing smoking hot.  It is a truly delicious and award-winning recipe that goes well on tacos, burritos, a big bowl of chili and anything that you want to add a spicy and smoky bite to.

MELINDA’S FIRE ROASTED HABANERO & GARLIC PEPPER SAUCE While working on our Chipotle pepper sauce we were experimenting with other ways to add another level of complexity to our core recipe using a roaster.  We fire-roasted Habanero peppers and found them to be sweet and savory, next we roasted garlic and added them both to our vegetable-base.  What a delicious sauce.  The Melinda’s Fire Roasted Habanero and Garlic was born and a new level of savory heat became a reality.

MELINDA’S RED SAVINA PEPPER SAUCE Years later, the Red Savina pepper came around.  It was a new hybrid Habanero boasting double the Scoville Units of a traditional Habanero (677,000 SU’s).  Now to put that into perspective, anRedSavinaandScotchBonnet average Jalapeño pepper is around 5000 SU’s, while an average Habanero is 200,000 to 300,000 SU’s. The Red Savina was more than twice as hot as a Habanero.  OMG!  Our dream pepper had arrived.  We were able to make a hotter version of our core recipe while maintaining the flavor balance.  A new classic was born and it quickly became a favorite of our more demanding chileheads.

MELINDA’S SCOTCH BONNET PEPPER Next, we took on the Habanero’s Caribbean cousin, the Scotch Bonnet Pepper named so for resembling the hat of a Scotsman.  Wanting to add something different to our vegetable-base recipe, we incorporated fruity papaya and passion fruit to smooth out the burn of this fiery pepper.  It garners rave reviews from fans.

MELINDA’S GHOST PEPPER SAUCE From the West Indies we turned our attention to Northeast India and word of a ghoulishly hot new chile pepper almost twice as hot as the Red Savina!  The Bhut Jolokia, known as the Ghost Pepper tested over 1.2 million SU’s and easily became the hottest pepper in the world.  Although it’s reign as the hottest was short lived, it is still amongst the hottest.  So we immediately went to work, cultivating and crafting a flavorful sauce with this exotic chile – tasty but damn hot!

ghostnagascorpionMELINDA’S NAGA JOLOKIA PEPPER SAUCE Closely related to the Bhut Jolokia is the Naga Morich Jolokia. There is much debate about whether or not the Bhut and the Naga are the same pepper, but there is enough evidence from growers and aficionados that they are different chiles of the same sub species. The same could be said for Habaneros and Scotch Bonnet peppers, but they are different as well.  Both peppers are fiercely hot and that is not up for debate.  Also not up for debate is how tasty and brutally hot our Naga Jolokia Pepper Sauce is.

MELINDA’S SCORPION PEPPER SAUCE Our latest the Scorpion is just crazy hot at just over 2 million SU’s.  Known officially as the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper, it gets its name because it has a tail that looks like a scorpion stinger and a burn to match.  As with all our sauces we do our best to deliver a flavorfully balanced sauce from this unruly pepper.

For over 25 years, Melinda’s has been crafting the finest and most unique pepper sauces in the world for devotees of all things spicy and delish.  If you are passionate about your food and cooking you will enjoy what Melinda’s brings to the table.

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