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This Is the One Chicken Wing Chain That Chefs Actually Rave About
Says EatThis,NotThat

“Wings, and how they should be prepared and served, can be pretty polarizing. Should you stick with Buffalo style—which was created in the New York city in 1964—or branch out with sweeter sauces or even sauce combos? Should they be served with creamy blue cheese or cooling ranch? Plus, most people are very particular about where they get their favorite chicken wings, and that includes chefs.

We’ve already asked chefs about their favorite chains for burgers and fries—with eye-opening results—now they reveal the chicken wing chains they turn to when a craving strikes…”

“Ideally, I like to make my own wings but when I’m feeling lazy, I go with Wing Stop because they allow me to order extra crispy/well done on Door Dash because I cannot stand a wing with flabby skin, yuck!” – David “Chef Fig” Figueroa

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