S’mores Everything, ‘Swicy’ Flavors & 5 Other Food Trends Dominating Summer 2022 | As seen in PureWow

Melinda's Sweet & Spicy Sticky Asian Wing Sauce

Hot honey fans, now is your time. “Swicy,” aka a combination of sweet and spicy flavors, is taking over the snack and condiment aisles. You can load up on sriracha honey cashews at CVS, let Amazon deliver a jar of Sweet & Spicy Peanuts to your door, slather your hot dogs in Hot Honey Dijon or toss your wings in Melinda’s Sweet & Spicy Sticky Asian Wing Sauce, just to name a handful of options. To that end, it may be time to level up your cookouts—in Whole Foods’ first-ever condiment trends report, the company noted rising interest in elevated takes on BBQ favorites, like curry ketchup, apple cider vinegar-infused mustard and Thai Krapow (a sweet-meets-spicy Thai chili and basil stir fry sauce).”

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