Keylime Pie has always been my favorite dessert, so much so, that when I decided to explore baking, it was first on my list. I had to make one similar or better to the best I’ve tried and what better than Melinda’s Mango Sauce to take it to the next level.

I also know that really good bakers in Louisiana don’t use plain cream cheese, they use Creole cream cheese, a artisan dairy product with French roots. It has a slightly tart and sweet flavor that was made for keylime pie. If you can’t get Creole Cream Cheese, regular cream cheese will work, please do not use light or no fat, this is dessert people and with good dessert comes decadence.

Chef Fig's Mango Habanero Key Lime Pie
Chef Fig's Mango Habanero Key Lime Pie
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This Caribbean key lime pie from Chef David Figueroa utilizes Creole cream cheese and Melinda's Mango Habanero Sauce to create a creamy, mildly tart and luxurious pie with a slight hint of spice!
Macadamia Nut Graham Cracker Crust
Key Lime Pie Filling
3/4cupKey lime juiceNellie & Joe's Famous Key West Lime Juice
1/4cuplime juicefresh sqeezed, from zested limes
4largeEggsyolks only
4ouncesCreole cream cheeseor plain cream cheese
1tbsplime zest
1/2tablespoonlime zest
8thinlime slicesvery thin
    Make the Crust
    1. Preheat oven to 350°F
    2. In a food processor, pulse the graham crackers and macadamia nuts together until they are crumbs. The nut pieces can be a little bigger an that is fine.
    3. Pour into a medium bowl and stir in sugar and melted butter until combined.
    4. Press tightly into the bottom and up the sides of a 9-inch pie dish. Pre-bake crust for 8 minutes. Remove from over but leave the oven on 350 to finish the pie.
    Make the Filling
    1. In a large mixing bowl. whisk egg yolks, Melinda's Mango Habanero Hot Sauce, cream cheese sweetened condensed milk, lime juice, lime zest.
    2. Pour into warm crust. Bake the pie for 15-20 minutes or until only *slightly* jiggly in the center. You want it mostly set.
    3. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely on a wire rack. Once cool, cover and chill for at least 1 hour (and up to 3 days) before serving.
    4. Be creative and garnish with whipped cream, lime zest, thin lime slices and a habanero pepper.
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