Avocado Lime Cilantro Crema with Melinda's Green Sauce
Avocado Lime Cilantro Crema with Melinda's Green Sauce
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Sweet Central American Crema transforms the sauce into the perfect compliment to tacos, tamales and all thing spicy and savory. I created it to go with my Fish Tacos and because i usually have some leftover, it was used with sushi, grilled shrimp, ceviche and on salads, and used well I might add! I even use it on my Tamale Pie or Bundin Azteca, a recipe I plan to post in the near future. The texture is cloud like and the flavor is bright and fresh, perfect for summer. The Melinda's Green Sauce or the Melinda's Jalapeño Sauce plus fresh lime adds a bit of acidity and spice to round out a perfect condiment.
2whole ripe avocadospeeled and pitted
116 oz jarHounduran CremaMexican or Guatemalan is fine
  1. Place all items in a blender, nutri-bullet
  2. Place all ingredients in a blender or nutri-bullet and whip into a light fluffy consistency. Place into a squeeze bottle so it can be drizzled all over your tacos, tamales, and tamalitos.
  3. Place into a squeeze bottle.
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