Melinda’s 5 oz Sriracha Banana Chips

So ridiculously light, thin and crispy that you’ll swear they are potato chips!

• A real super food snack
• Good source of prebiotic fibers
• Good source of potassium and vitamins
• Low to no sugars

Ingredients: select green bananas, vegetable oil (palm olein rspo) sriracha seasoning (natural flavors, sea salt, silicon dioxide, paprika extract, gum arabica, annatto extracts)

Net Weight 5 oz (141.7 grams)


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Melinda’s selects young green bananas and slices them so thin that you’ll swear they are potato chips. Green banana’s hard and fibrous texture allows us to slice them thin to produce a light and crispy chip. Our green bananas have a lower sugar content and are high in prebiotic fibers that aid in digestion and gut health. Finally a heathy snack that doesn’t taste like one!

We use Non GMO RSPO Certified sustainable and responisbly sourced palm oil making our chips free of cholesterol,trans fats and gluten. (

Before bananas ripen into the yellow fruit that we love to peel and eat, they are green, hard, fibrous and packed with super healthy goodness. They are high in prebiotic fibers and resistant starch making green bananas a low glycemic food that is good for insulin resistance and gut health.

3 grams of fiber per serving  

Net Weight 5 oz (141.7 grams)


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