Melinda’s Creamy Style Wing Sauce

A spicy condiment of cayenne and habanero peppers. Our philosophy is simple. Heat and flavor mean everything. In Melinda’s Kitchen, Creamy Style Wing Sauce and Condiment is crafted to be a table sauce and a coating for all things buffalo. We blend cayenne with a hint of habanero to make the most irresistibly spicy and tangy sauce you’ve ever slathered on a chicken wing.

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Ingredients: Water, white vinegar, cayenne pepper mash, carrot, canola vegetable, habanero pepper mash, onion, lime juice, salt, garlic, xanthan, natural flavor (butter).

Uses: great on fried or baked chicken wings, boneless chicken, shrimp, salads, wraps, sandwiches and pizza.

Allergy information: May contain traces of tree nuts (coconut). This product is manufactured in a plant that processes: egg, soybeans, wheat.

Weight 1 lbs
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4 reviews for Melinda’s Creamy Style Wing Sauce

  1. Stephanie Ortiz

    I was excited to try it when I found it at Walmart. it’s a good amount of heat but it just tastes like pure vinegar. Also the nozzle either leaks around the tip or clogs up non-stop. I’ll probably toss it out.

  2. Bryan Deily

    I absolutely love this stuff. It’s much more versatile than “wing sauce”. I’ve been putting it on everything.

  3. roblange (verified owner)

    For the lowest heat rating, still a great spice but very much flavor forward. I would recommend this to anyone. So good!

  4. Stephen Francisco (verified owner)

    Love it. Use it on fries and as a 0 point salad dressing on Weight Watchers. Have not had any problem with the nozzle as other review stated.

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