Melinda’s Creamy Style Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

Melinda’s Creamy Style Ghost Wing Sauce and Condiment: a delicious blend of ghost, cayenne and habanero peppers.
Ingredients: water, white vinegar, habanero pepper mash, cayenne pepper mash, carrot, bhut jolokia pepper mash (ghost pepper mash), canola vegetable oil, white onion, lime juice, salt, garlic, xanthan gum, natural flavor (butter).
Uses: great on fried or baked chicken wings, boneless chicken, shrimp, salads, wraps, sandwiches and pizza.
Heat Level 5/5: those who crave fiery wings.
Heat Level 5


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Our philosophy is simple. Heat and flavor mean everything. In Melinda’s Kitchen, Creamy Style things buffalo. We blend cayenne, habanero and slathered on a chicken wing. Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce and Condiment is crafted to be a table sauce and a coating for all ghost peppers together to make the most irresistibly spicy and tangy sauce you’ve ever slathered on a chicken wing.

Allergy information: May contain traces of tree nuts (coconut). This product is manufactured in a plant that processes: egg, soybeans, wheat.

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2 reviews for Melinda’s Creamy Style Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

  1. SKinBhamAL

    I marinated some boneless chicken breasts in this sauce. (Two hours)Applied no more while grilling. Came out with perfect heat.

    Straight out of the bottle, it’s really, really hot, but with flavor. Hot heads should really enjoy this.

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    By far the best wing sauce I’ve ever had!! Super hot but with great flavor!

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