It’s getting hot(ter) in here

Innovators in pepper sauces capitalize on meteoric growth in category There may be no hotter category in the retail food industry than pepper sauces, with much of the growth fueled by craft brands pushing the envelope with bold new flavors and ingredients. With that, Melinda’s is still bringing the heat to craft condiments line for […]

Melinda’s New Squeeze Bottle Turns Spicy Ketchup Battle Upside-Down

When your taste buds are screaming to add some spice to your life, look no further than Melinda’s brand-new plastic, upside-down spicy ketchup bottles. Thanks to a rotten tomato in the ketchup industry bullying it out of their not-so-similar glass packaging, Melinda’s just unveiled an even better alternative. Now ketchup lovers can squeeze out their […]

Looking locally for Melinda’s? Think Centrally.

Looking locally for Melinda’s? Think Centrally. Find Melinda’s across Texas at Central Market. Central Market carries our Melinda’s line of Pepper Sauces and Ketchups. Indulge your cravings for heat and flavor at Central Market. If you’re in the D/FW area visit

Melinda’s Fiery Wings

Melindas's Fiery Wings

Created by Chef Uno to satisfy the true chilehead, these wings are fiery hot, messy and sticky, but do not fear, you have a creamy dipping sauce to cool things off a bit. The dipping sauce can be made spicy or mild depending on how much heat you can handle.