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Melinda’s Ketchups Sweep the Scovies


We always knew that our spicy ketchups were good, but little did we know that they were award-winning. The Scovie Awards (the Academy Awards for all things spicy) ranked Melinda’s ketchups first, second and third place. That’s right, a sweep! Melinda’s Ghost Ketchup took the top spot, followed by Habanero and Jalapeño. Melinda’s Ketchups also boasts a new squeeze bottle, so that you can get that award-winning flavor all over your favorite burger and fries.

The awards didn’t stop there. Our Melinda’s Mango won first place in the all natural hot sauce category followed by Melinda’s Garlic in second place. The hot sauces did not sweep the category but we’ll take 1st and 2nd all day. “We knew that we were taking a risk putting Melinda’s up against all the craft brands out there. Our awards come at the register and resonate with the hundreds of positive emails and five star ratings we receive regularly,” says David Figueroa, Co-founder and Head of Brand Marketing. “What a lovely deep breath I took when I received the good news! I knew we’d win something, but WOW, we cleaned up!”

The Scovie Awards Competition accepts entries for two months during the summer and the judging is held the Monday of the week between the New Mexico State Fair and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The judging, which is not open to the public, consists of 80 to 100 judges, mostly food professionals, who sample products in coded cups in what is called a “blind tasting.” They fill out judging forms and rate the products according to eye appeal, aroma, flavor, and heat scale.