Figgichurri (Chimmichurri)


In my home Beef and Fire are sacred. It means simple, Guacho Style cooking outdoors with my sons and nephews. And if we’re having Beef, then we’re making Chimmichurri, simple as that. It’s the finest beef condiment ever. We love it so much we call it Figgichurri. It is wonderful on grilled beef as originally […]

Cochon du Lait

What seemingly looks like a simple pork sandwich is described best by the name of the restaurant that made it famous, “Love at First Bite.” It has become the most popular bite at the New Orleans Jazzfest where I had my first experience with the Cochon du Lait. The sandwich is a fairly new phenomenon, […]

Crawfish Melinda’s

One of the most delicious dishes to come out of New Orleans is Crawfish Fettuccine, a dish popularized at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival as “Crawfish Monica.” You will find dozens of recipes on the internet for this dish calling for the use of processed cheese — yuck — don’t do that to the people you love! Crawfish Melinda’s uses heavy cream, butter and real cheese. We call it Crawfish Melinda’s because we wouldn’t want it to be confused with all those gross recipes that use Velveeta. Melinda’s always strives to do it right, no short cuts. Just like our famous habanero pepper sauce recipe — always fresh! Serve with hot crusty French Bread and a green salad with a vinaigrette dressing. Everyone will adore you!