Melinda’s started off with a Hot and Extra Hot.  Customers loved the flavor, but some wanted more heat, so we gave it to them with our Melinda’s XXXtra Hot.  The amount of pepper mash in the XXXtra Hot made it much hotter but the flavor balance was still intact.  We attempted to go hotter, but the flavor became lost, so we experimented with hand-selected red habaneros and made them into a special mash that we age for a hotter and more robust flavor.  Our first annual batch launched in 1995 and it has been on of our most popular and best-selling sauces since.  Preserving the flavor that Melinda’s built its reputation on was paramount, that’s why we stopped at XXXX.  We had maxed out the power of the habanero.



Fans started referring to the Hot as one X and it stuck!

Now everyone refers to our core products as one X for the Hot, double X for the Extra Hot, triple X for the XXXtra Hot and four X for the XXXX Reserve.  This innovative approach allows us to offer our fans varying heat levels.  One that’s right for you and what you are cooking.

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