Globally Inspired Condiment Sauces, your Liquid Spice Rack.

Our innovative condiment sauces have a globally inspired approach to flavor. Sauces are more savory and satisfying than dry spices and we offer consumers this alternative for the foods they love. We call it the liquid spice rack.

So ditch the red pepper flakes and try our Pizza Hot Sauce, we promise you will never want the shaker jar again for your favorite pies. Our new Ghost Steak Sauce fills a demand for those looking for a world class meat sauce with a kick. We also make and incredible Habanero Honey Mustard for sandwiches and vinaigrettes. It is amazing for dipping chicken tenders too. Our Green Sauce is sooooo good on tacos and Asian Cuisine, it’s a must try sauce and a top-seller. Bottom-line, you’ll need them all to build your liquid spice rack!