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14 Latine-Owned Foodie Gifts For the Home Cook in Your Life | Says Popsugar

“Sala season is chock-full of rituals, but some are definitely better than others. Sure, dressing up in your even-better-than-Sunday-best is exciting, as is seeing your favorite cousins crammed onto your tía’s antique couch for yet another family photo shoot. Ultimately, no matter how your family celebrates, one thing we can all look forward to is sharing a good meal together. Food, after all, is essential at any Latine gathering…”

Celia San Miguel shares her “Great Vegan Finds”

“To elevate your culinary creations, look to Melinda’s and its incredible array of craft pepper sauces — all of which are plant-based and vegan. Founded by brothers Greg and Dave Figueroa, Melinda’s was born out of the desire to bring superior quality and freshness to the hot sauce space. To this day, freshness is at the heart of every Melinda’s sauce — starting, of course, with the best chili peppers on the planet…”

Spicing Up the Table | Robin Miller’s Hot Honey Noodles​

Delight your senses with Robin Miller’s Hot Honey Noodles, a recipe that perfectly showcases our Hot Honey and Ghost Hot Honey products. This dish is a symphony of flavors, combining the sweet heat of our hot honey with the robust taste of soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. It’s a testament to culinary simplicity and brilliance, allowing you to adjust the spice level to your preference. Whether you go for the fiery punch of our Ghost Pepper Hot Honey or the milder regular Hot Honey, you’re guaranteed an explosion of flavors. The recipe’s versatility shines through with the choice of noodles—be it rice or wheat noodles—and the option to add proteins and vegetables, making it adaptable to any diet.

19 clever white elephant gifts worth a laugh and a steal | Says LA Times

“If you’ve never joined in a white elephant gift exchange, you’ve never lived. Or at least, you’ve never lived with the particular brand of merriment, greed, envy, snark and revenge that one of these exchanges can inspire.

Here are some gifts that might work for your next white elephant exchange, either because you’ll love them or you’ll love handing them to somebody else…”

22 Latine-Owned Food And Drink Brands To Keep Your Kitchen Stocked And Belly Full | Says BuzzFeed

“Melinda’s is a Latin-owned small business that combines Colombia-based all-natural vegetable and fruit-based ingredients to create hot sauces with the perfect balance of heat and flavor. In addition to hot sauce, the brand also has unique types of ketchup, squeezable sauces, preserves, barbeque sauce, and more. And if you’re wondering what you can make with these sauces, check out their recipe ideas…”

The 33 best gifts for Dad | Says CNN Underscored

“Between their unwavering care, saint-like patience and ill-timed yet always-appreciated humor, it’s tough to put a price tag on the value our dads bring to our lives. But with a strategically selected gift or two, we can all become just a little closer to demonstrating our admiration (or, at the very least, updating his wardrobe that hasn’t been touched since the ‘80s).

While you don’t need a specific occasion to gift the father figure in your life something special, we’ve got numerous ideas (at every price point!) that should cover all your bases. Whether for a last-minute birthday gift or a head start on holiday shopping, you’ll find plenty of unique presents here.

Below, scroll through our favorite gift ideas for Dad that are sure to bring a smile to his face and a tear to his eye — even if he says he doesn’t want anything…”

10 Latinx-Owned Businesses to Support this Hispanic Heritage Month and Beyond | Says RollingStone

“FINALLY, WE’VE HIT the big months. The “ber” months, the holiday behemoths — and for a lot of households, September tends to be at the bottom of that sacred list. And why wouldn’t it? Kids are going back to school, the weather is getting colder, and all the major summer sales have long passed you by (although Amazon’s second Prime Day is on the horizon).

But there’s always something to celebrate — starting on September 15th and going until October 15th we have Hispanic Heritage Month for uplifting the histories, cultures, and contributions of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. The Latinx community is facing nearly unprecedented challenges right now; climate change is shaking the foundations of coastal communities in Latin American countries, refugee families are being moved and traded in the U.S. like chess pieces in the ongoing migration war between political parties, and many Latinx families and businesses are still struggling to bounce back from the pandemic…”

45+ Best Holiday Gifts for Every Foodie On Your List! | Says Parade.com

“As if this year hasn’t been crazy enough, the holidays are approaching and that means we’re busy trying to plan get-togethers at home, menus to please all palates and ways to make everyone’s 2023 *a little better* in the end.

One of the biggest tasks involves finding the perfect holiday gifts for our loved ones. Holiday gift guides can be super overwhelming, so let us help! We’ve compiled a lofty list of the 45+ best gift ideas for foodies to save you invaluable time this holiday season. Whether you need something unique for the gastronome in your life or a one-of-a-kind present for the person who already seems to have it all, we have you covered…”

10 Best-Tasting Steak Sauces You Can Buy Right Now | Says EatThis,NotThat

“Steak sauce is a surefire way to enhance meat and veggies with a rich, bold flavor in a flash. The tangy condiment is a blend of tomato puree, vinegar, molasses, spices, and herbs, which together pack a punch that’s acidic, sweet, savory, and salty.

Steak sauce is big business. According to a 2023 consumer steak report from Meats by Linz, 55% of respondents typically enjoy eating steak with sauce, with the classic British import A.1. Steak Sauce topping the list of go-to sauces. Some diners are particularly enthusiastic about steak sauce: in 2020, three million Americans used four or more bottles within the last 30 days, according to Statista…”

Inside DFW with Jenny Anchondo

“Dallas (KDAF)– Melinda’s Hot Sauce is a craft pepper sauce company with a cult-like following that happens to be headquartered in Irving, Texas.

Inside DFW Host, Jenny Anchondo, a hot sauce fan herself, visited with David “Chef Fig” Figueroa, President and Co-Founder of Melinda’s to learn more about the company. As Jenny learned, Melinda’s is a family affair.

“My brother Greg and I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit and always wanted to have a business. We began importing our sauces from Central America in 1989 and later expanded our operation to Colombia, South America,” Figueroa said…”