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Exploring the Fiery World of Melinda’s Foods: A Spicy Journey on the May The Smoke Be With You Podcast

Today, we have an exciting highlight to share with you. On May 18th, 2023, David Figueroa, the co-founder and owner of Melinda’s Foods, made a special appearance on the renowned May The Smoke Be With You Podcast, hosted by the BBQ and culinary Jedi himself, Joe Leavitt. In this sizzling episode, David took listeners on a spicy adventure, discussing all things hot sauce, his culinary upbringing, the intricacies of running a business with his brother Greg, and the occasional hiccups along the way. Let’s dive into the details and explore the fascinating insights shared during this fiery conversation!

Delicious Living – Best Bite Awards 2023 selects Melinda’s Mexicana as winner!!!

We are thrilled to announce that Melinda’s Mexicana has been awarded the Consumer Choice Best Condiment for the year 2023 by the prestigious Delicious Living – Best Bite Awards. This accolade is a testament to Melinda’s Mexicana’s commitment to delivering the finest quality products that are both delicious and healthy. The judging panel comprised of food experts and connoisseurs noted the exceptional taste and flavor profiles of Melinda’s Mexicana, which is a blend of traditional Mexican herbs and spices that are carefully curated to provide an unforgettable culinary experience. We would like to thank all our loyal customers for their unwavering support, which has enabled us to achieve this milestone. We encourage you to check out the link to the Delicious Living – Best Bite Awards website to learn more about this exciting recognition.

Melinda’s Hot Sauce Expands Walmart Offerings | Says

Melinda’s Foods LLC — the brand that can set your mouth on flavor with the best-tasting, freshest sauces and spicy ketchup on the market — is introducing new mouth-watering products at Walmart online and 4,100 store locations nationwide.

Melinda’s Hot Sauce Expands Walmart Offerings to Set the Nation’s Mouth on Flavor
From seed to bottle, each of Melinda’s authentically crafted sauces begins with the freshest ingredients and best Chile peppers on the planet, and its five spicy ketchups are made with real sugar and no high-fructose corn syrup, unlike most well-known ketchup brands.

These GMO- and gluten-free products deliver a feeling of sophistication by balancing heat that sets records with unforgettable flavors.

The Best Uses for Spicy Ketchup | Says The Takeout

Thanks to Heinz and Melinda’s, spicy ketchups are about to be more readily available to consumers. Both companies have just released a line of hot ketchup flavors, which is a really smart move if you’ve been observing anything regarding food trends over the last three years. It’s simply no secret anymore that younger generations regularly seek out spicier condiments, and that regular ol’ smooth ’n sweet ketchup just isn’t exciting enough to our palates these days. Besides, Whataburger’s spicy ketchup can’t be the only player in this space…

The Best Store-Bought Buffalo Sauces | Tested by Food Network Kitchen

You know that one person who claims nothing is too hot for them? Melinda’s Creamy Style Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce and Condiment was created with them in mind! Made from a tangy blend of cayenne, habanero and ghost peppers, this extra-bold buffalo sauce is not for the faint of taste buds. In fact, the smell alone is enough to clue you in to how hot this buffalo sauce truly tastes…

Yankees and Legends Hospitality’s Fuku Pact Highlights ‘23 Yankee Stadium Menu | Says

Things are heating up—and we’re not just talking about the weather outside as we head into summer.

Now, you can up the temperatures on all of your favorite foods as well! That’s because Heinz has released not one, not two, but three new spicy ketchup flavors to slather on those chicken nuggets and French fries. Not only that, but they’ve also debuted their first-ever Heinz Hot 57 Sauce—because your steaks and burgers need some of that peppery zest, too. 😍

Talk about some blazing hot news, right?

Yankees and Legends Hospitality’s Fuku Pact Highlights ‘23 Yankee Stadium Menu | Says

The New York Yankees opened their new season last month with a vast array of new dining options at Yankee Stadium.
Brand new partners serving up their most popular items include New York traditions Fuku, Mac Truck and cheesy garlic bread by Bronx-born celebrity chef Christian Petroni. They join a lineup of returning partners including Streetbird by Marcus Samuelsson, Bobby Flay’s “Bobby’s Burgers,” Lobel’s, Mighty Quinn’s, Chickie’s & Pete’s, City Winery, The Halal Guys, Sumo Dog, Benihana, Oatly and Wings of New York, among other favorites offering new menu items this season.

The Best Bloody Mary Mixes of 2023 | Says Bloody Mary Obsessed

On January 14th and 15th, 2023, The Drunken Tomato Awards convened for its sixth year. Eight judges from all over the United States gathered in San Diego, California for the bloody mary industry event of the year. 2023 was our biggest year yet, with over 70+ entries! Judges scored ten categories of entries – Mild, Hot & Spicy, Seasoning, Caesar, Michelada, Unique Product, New Product, Rim Salts and 2023’s newest additions, Pickles and Hot Sauce – to ultimately determine 2023’s best bloody mary mixes, pickles and hot sauces in the world.

Best Valentine’s Day Kitchen Gifts for a Home Cook | Says CNET

I don’t know who Melinda is but she makes some mighty fine sauces. Many of these dippers and condiments have good heat, although not tear-inducing, but they are also built with complex flavors that make them hot sauces fit for a true chef or food fan. I’ve been crushing hard on the habanero honey mustard and spicy garlic parmesan all year. This is a perfect food gift for Valentine’s Day, you can haul in a gift box sampling of six sauces for $40, and spice up your relationship.