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The 11 Best Vegan Hot Sauce Brands | Says VegOut

We’re talking about all things plant-based hot sauce and it’s definitely getting hot in here. Made for cooking, marinading, and garnishing with a kick of flavor, these condiments always have a place in our kitchens. Whether you like it hot or prefer milder flavors, we’ve got a hot sauce recommendation with your name on it! If you’re looking to spice things up, check out our list of the best vegan hot sauce brands. What can we say? This lineup is straight fire.

27 Latine-Owned Brands That’ll Have You Adding So Much Goodness Into Your Shopping Carts | Says BuzzFeed

Melinda’s is a Latin-owned small business that combines Colombia-based all-natural vegetable and fruit-based ingredients to create hot sauces with the perfect balance of heat and flavor. In addition to their hot sauce, the brand also has unique types of ketchup, squeezable sauces, preserves, barbeque sauce, and more. And if you’re wondering what you can make with these sauces, check out their recipe ideas!

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“MEXICANA from MELINDA’S.. WOW!!!! This sauce is fantastic! I love the Mexican flavor profile of spices in this sauce. There is a nice heat to flavor ratio from the addition of both Cayenne and habanero peppers, with the flavors of white vinegar, paprika, garlic, cumin and ground black pepper. This is definitely a wonderful table sauce because of its great flavor profile to mix with any type foods. Pizza, eggs, tacos, mixed into sour cream, added to drinks and so much more. This is a fantastic flavored hot sauce.”

Melinda’s Habanero Wing Sauce Review {Thumbs Up!} | Says

“I have been stuck in a grilling rut, doing the same things again and again. I decided to spice up my grill life and add a little variety by exploring some new sauces and flavor profiles.

One amazing new flavor I found was Melinda’s Creamy Style Habanero Wing Sauce and Condiment!

Let’s take a closer look at what is in this bottle and what meals it works with!”

Products of the Week: Todd Snyder x John Derian, Khaki Bags and an Iconic Deli Delicacy | Says InsideHook

National Chicken Wing Day (7/29) is in the rearview mirror, but there’s still reason to celebrate with this variety pack from Melinda’s. Stocked with six sauces made from ingredients including fresh garlic, onion, lime juice, grated parmesan cheese and the best peppers on the planet, this collection contains a good mix of heat and flavor that can make the taste of any wing take off. Get sauced.

Everywhere You Can Get Free Food Today for National Chicken Wing Day | Says Thrillist

“There’s something the world of chicken-slinging restaurants and companies love about July. It’s home to National Fried Chicken Day, National Chicken Tender Day, and National Chicken Wing Day. 

So, it’s a rough month to be a chicken. Still, we’re celebrating the latter of those on July 29. National Chicken Wing Day brings loads and loads of deals on bird arms to restaurants across the country, and you can be the beneficiary of the party. Restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, and Raising Cane’s are all offering deals.

To help you get the most out of the day, here are the best chicken wing deals you’ll find on National Chicken Wing Day.”