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45+ Best Holiday Gifts for Every Foodie On Your List! | Says

“As if this year hasn’t been crazy enough, the holidays are approaching and that means we’re busy trying to plan get-togethers at home, menus to please all palates and ways to make everyone’s 2023 *a little better* in the end.

One of the biggest tasks involves finding the perfect holiday gifts for our loved ones. Holiday gift guides can be super overwhelming, so let us help! We’ve compiled a lofty list of the 45+ best gift ideas for foodies to save you invaluable time this holiday season. Whether you need something unique for the gastronome in your life or a one-of-a-kind present for the person who already seems to have it all, we have you covered…”

10 Best-Tasting Steak Sauces You Can Buy Right Now | Says EatThis,NotThat

“Steak sauce is a surefire way to enhance meat and veggies with a rich, bold flavor in a flash. The tangy condiment is a blend of tomato puree, vinegar, molasses, spices, and herbs, which together pack a punch that’s acidic, sweet, savory, and salty.

Steak sauce is big business. According to a 2023 consumer steak report from Meats by Linz, 55% of respondents typically enjoy eating steak with sauce, with the classic British import A.1. Steak Sauce topping the list of go-to sauces. Some diners are particularly enthusiastic about steak sauce: in 2020, three million Americans used four or more bottles within the last 30 days, according to Statista…”

Inside DFW with Jenny Anchondo

“Dallas (KDAF)– Melinda’s Hot Sauce is a craft pepper sauce company with a cult-like following that happens to be headquartered in Irving, Texas.

Inside DFW Host, Jenny Anchondo, a hot sauce fan herself, visited with David “Chef Fig” Figueroa, President and Co-Founder of Melinda’s to learn more about the company. As Jenny learned, Melinda’s is a family affair.

“My brother Greg and I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit and always wanted to have a business. We began importing our sauces from Central America in 1989 and later expanded our operation to Colombia, South America,” Figueroa said…”

Unexpected Ingredients That Will Upgrade Your Chocolate Cake | Says Mashed

“Chocolate cake is a popular party staple around the world. From birthdays to anniversaries, most people have good memories associated with this favorite dessert, and it’s one of the few things that almost everyone has made at some point in their lives. The danger with any classic, however, is that it can feel boring and repetitive quickly. Tradition is important, but even old classics have opportunities for reinvention. 

And there’s more opportunity for creativity than you might think!

Because it’s such a familiar staple, there are lots of great ways to add unexpected ingredients to your basic chocolate cake recipe and turn it into a unique and standout dessert that will have family and friends raving. We spoke to chefs and bakers about their favorite fun, flavorful, and unusual ingredients that they like to add to chocolate cake. From Thanksgiving staples to floral notes, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your palate…”

16 Latinx-Owned Grocery Brands to Add to Your Cart | Says The Kitchn

“The kitchen just might be the most important part of a Latin household. Whether you’re coming together for a traditional meal, learning to cook a heritage recipe, or just catching up with your family, the kitchen is truly the hearth and heart of our homes. If you’re looking to celebrate your culture or just show some support during Latinx Heritage Month, this list of Latinx-owned and -operated grocery brands will inspire you to keep your kitchen stocked so you can enjoy these during the month, holidays, or all year round…”

Best Hot Sauces: Top 5 Burning Hot Brands Most Recommended By Experts | Says StudyFinds

“This sauce is reported to be milder than many, but its quality and flavor still landed it on multiple lists that we reviewed. If you’re wondering about its makeup, Serious Eats writes, “the base is made with carrots, onions, and garlic and spiked with lime juice and vinegar, so it has a great vegetal flavor, with just a hint of heat to liven things up.

Melinda’s offers a variety of sauces including Amarillo Habanero Hot Mustard Sauce, which Good Housekeeping speaks highly of: “This zingy bottle spices up everything we love about the classic yellow condiment in a crowd-pleasing, approachable way. Kick back, grab a beer, and dab some of this liquid gold on your next burger recipe.”

Shopping Editor Favorites: 7 Products We’re Loving in September 2023 | Says Taste of Home

“Here’s what our shopping editors are loving in September, from wholesome fall essentials to a life-changing coffee gadget.
As Taste of Home‘s shopping experts, we test a lot of products to help you find the absolute best buys worthy of your home and kitchen. Though we’re still trying to accept that summer is coming to a close, we’re sharing our must-have products for fall and everyday life. Discover refreshing drinks to cool you down as hot summer temps linger, a sofa hack you’ll wish you knew sooner and the coziest throw blanket of the season…”

53 Best Dad Gifts on Amazon That Are Fun and Useful | Says

“Everyone wants to give their dad a gift he’ll appreciate and use on the regular. To help you in this quest, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for options that will suit your dad’s preferences. Maybe he’s a devoted sports fan, word nerd, or fitness enthusiast. Perhaps he has sore joints, a forgetful mind, or trouble sleeping. Whatever his taste or needs, we’ve compiled some excellent items from Amazon, including bass-booming Bluetooth speakers, all-in-one multitools, and luxe massagers. If you’re a Prime member, these should arrive within days—a real plus if you’re shopping last minute for a birthday or anniversary…”

25 Best Gifts From Walmart of 2023 | Says Womans Day

“There’s nothing quite like picking out the perfect present. Not only is it a wonderful feeling to know that you made someone happy by giving them the right thing, but it also means that whatever you buy will become a treasured gift and be well loved instead of getting tossed, recycled, or re-gifted after you leave. That’s why we frequently hit Walmart for our gifting needs.

There are countless options for the best gifts at Walmart, no matter what you’re looking for. Whether you’re on the hunt for a gift for an important woman in your life, trying to find something special for your best friend who has everything, or nabbing a great present for a special couple — you’re almost guaranteed to find something perfect at Walmart that will fit your budget. After all, one of the best things about shopping at the discount superstore is the fact that you won’t break the bank while doing so…”

8 Best & Worst Steak Sauces, According to Dietitians | Says Eat This Not That

“Whether you have the perfect cut of steak cooked exactly how you like it or an overcooked budget cut, the right steak sauce can add a burst of flavor that takes any steak to the next level. Unfortunately, with that flavor can come an incredibly high amount of sodium, added sugars, and ingredients you may not be quite as excited about.

While most steak sauces aren’t inherently bad, the serving size is so small that just one or two times over the recommended portion can add a significant amount of nutrients we want to limit in our diet. And with typical serving sizes of just one tablespoon, going over the recommended portion is easy to do. Even with the healthiest options, dietitians recommend limiting the portions to avoid overdoing it on nutrients like sodium and sugar…”