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8 Easy Ways to Repurpose Leftovers | Says Redbook

If your kitchen cabinets are bare and you are short on clean dishes (hey, it is okay, we have all been there before) then you are in luck because all you need for this meal is one pan or skillet. Gather your leftovers, grab your pan, and toss it all together to whip up a one-skillet meal. Potatoes, protein, roasted vegetables, anything goes! Top with a fried egg for an added layer of flavor and a splash or two of Melinda’s Hot Sauce, and you have the ultimate leftover dinner meal that is downright delicious.

The 11 Best Vegan Hot Sauce Brands | Says VegOut

We’re talking about all things plant-based hot sauce and it’s definitely getting hot in here. Made for cooking, marinading, and garnishing with a kick of flavor, these condiments always have a place in our kitchens. Whether you like it hot or prefer milder flavors, we’ve got a hot sauce recommendation with your name on it! If you’re looking to spice things up, check out our list of the best vegan hot sauce brands. What can we say? This lineup is straight fire.

27 Latine-Owned Brands That’ll Have You Adding So Much Goodness Into Your Shopping Carts | Says BuzzFeed

Melinda’s is a Latin-owned small business that combines Colombia-based all-natural vegetable and fruit-based ingredients to create hot sauces with the perfect balance of heat and flavor. In addition to their hot sauce, the brand also has unique types of ketchup, squeezable sauces, preserves, barbeque sauce, and more. And if you’re wondering what you can make with these sauces, check out their recipe ideas!

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“MEXICANA from MELINDA’S.. WOW!!!! This sauce is fantastic! I love the Mexican flavor profile of spices in this sauce. There is a nice heat to flavor ratio from the addition of both Cayenne and habanero peppers, with the flavors of white vinegar, paprika, garlic, cumin and ground black pepper. This is definitely a wonderful table sauce because of its great flavor profile to mix with any type foods. Pizza, eggs, tacos, mixed into sour cream, added to drinks and so much more. This is a fantastic flavored hot sauce.”