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11 Hot Sauces So Good, We’re Putting Them on Everything | Says The Spruce Eats

Add some spice to your slice with a hot sauce by famed Melinda’s made just for pizza. The mild but undeniably tasty sauce is made with a blend of sweet red peppers, spicy red cayenne peppers, garlic, and tomato that comes together to mimic the taste of the ever-popular crushed red pepper flakes. The draw: no seeds! While the zippy sauce is the perfect accouterment for pizza, you’ll want to stock it as an addition to all of your Italian favorites, from calzones and chicken Parmesan to baked ziti and meatballs.

The Best Flavored Ketchup You Can Find At The Store | Says mashed

Habanero peppers aren’t the hottest pepper out there, and while they are spicy, they allow for a more citrus-y, slightly smokey flavor to stick out along with the spicey kick that you may get (via Pepperscale). This doesn’t mean that habanero peppers aren’t spicy, however, because they’ve got quite the kick to them, making them the perfect flavor to liven up a bottle of ketchup.

14 Innovative Father’s Day Gifts To Give Dad This Year | BuzzFeed

Melinda’s sizzling hot sauces will set dad’s mouth on fire with intense flavors to elevate sandwiches, wings and any dish that needs a kick. Choose from crave-worthy sauces like jalapeno, mango, black truffle chili, or habanero honey mustard. Melinda’s sauces pride themselves on their delicate balance of rich flavor and hot spices for recipes that will leave dad’s mouth watering for more. Melinda’s hot sauces are available on their website, Amazon, Walmart and Vitacost.com.

75 Best Gift Ideas for Dad, Because He Really Doesn’t Need Another Tie | Woman’s Day

Another tie or pair of socks? Meh. Show dad how much you love and appreciate him (and see him!) on Father’s Day with a truly thoughtful and unique gift this year. Even if he says he doesn’t need or want anything new, our list of the best gifts for dad has something just right for every personality type, budget, hobby, and interest — and yes, even gifts for the dads that are notoriously hard to shop for.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Most Exciting Hot Sauces | Forbes

No matter the time of day or type of cuisine, we all know someone who loves to add hot sauce to everything they’re eating. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you’ve got a spice loving mom why not consider filling her pantry with some exciting hot sauces? From just a little bit of heat to fire-breathing dragon kinda spice, there’s a hot sauce that matches your mom’s mood.

I tested 8 different types of Melinda’s hot sauce | SFGate

I despise bland food. I love a variety of spices, and have a good heat tolerance (for an American, anyway). And after trying a variety of spicy sauces, Melinda’s various flavors have become my go-tos for adding some oomph to any meal — while adding barely any extra calories. With dozens of flavors, I’ve found the best flavor pairing for each meal.

This is my Melinda’s experience, with the pros, cons, and everything in between.

Must-Have Hot Sauces That Culinary Experts Swear By | Huffpost

There are two types of people in this world: Those who put hot sauce on seemingly everything and those who don’t know what they’re missing.

“Hot sauces add a distinct taste and aroma to the food, and it gives a tongue-burning kind of spicy that I love,” Lola Osinkolu, a home cook and blogger at Chef Lola’s Kitchen, told HuffPost. “For example, a sauce made predominantly with habaneros will have a fruity flavor. If serrano is used, the bitter notes will shine through, while jalapeño’s fresh essence is hard to ignore. In addition, it adds a punch of flavor to plain or bland food, making it more enjoyable to eat.”

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