Inspired by Fire

We have always had a thing for ketchup, and after years of mixing Melinda’s into our ketchup, we finally said, wait, why don’t we bottle our own?  We’re good at making all-natural sauces with fresh ingredients, so we set out to create ketchups inspired by fire.

Most average ketchups use High Fructose Corn Syrup, yuck!  This is a major no no for Melinda’s, instead we decided to use real cane sugar.  We crafted a ketchup with the right amount of sweetness and acid balance to create that perfect tangy flavor and then added spicy peppers for that extra zing.

French fries have never tasted better!  Meatloaf fans were stoked!  Those who like to use ketchup as a base for their own BBQ sauce suddenly had a host of new flavor options with real cane sugar, no GMO beet sugar or high fructose garbage.

Melinda’s offers our Original Habanero Pepper Ketchup for those that like it hot and our Ghost Pepper Ketchup for those who like it extremely hot.  Our Chipotle Pepper Ketchup suits those looking for a natural smoky hot flavor or for something tangy and milder, try our Jalapeño Pepper Ketchup and last but not least for a bold & robust flavor, try our new Black Pepper Ketchup.