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4 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Fabian Fredrick says:

    The flavor of the ghost pepper sauce is phenomenal!! I can’t wait to try more varieties from this company!! Keep up the great work and spread the love during these trying times!! Sauce life!!

  2. William McPherson says:

    My favorites are the Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, and Naga Jolokia in that order. The Last Dab Apollo is a pin prick hotter than the Trinidad Scorpion, but it has the off flavors you get when resorting to extracts. Melinda’s sauces are delicious and that’s REALLY important once super hots become a daily part of your routine. I eat so much, that I buy in cases so I don’t run out.

    Pro-tip: if you are really a super hots chili head, you can just pop the nipple of the bottle with a spoon or butter knife so the sauce can pour freely.

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