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Best Hot Sauces: Top 5 Burning Hot Brands Most Recommended By Experts
Says StudyFinds

Melinda's Original Habanero Hot Sauce

“This sauce is reported to be milder than many, but its quality and flavor still landed it on multiple lists that we reviewed. If you’re wondering about its makeup, Serious Eats writes, “the base is made with carrots, onions, and garlic and spiked with lime juice and vinegar, so it has a great vegetal flavor, with just a hint of heat to liven things up. 

Melinda’s offers a variety of sauces including Amarillo Habanero Hot Mustard Sauce, which Good Housekeeping speaks highly of: “This zingy bottle spices up everything we love about the classic yellow condiment in a crowd-pleasing, approachable way. Kick back, grab a beer, and dab some of this liquid gold on your next burger recipe…”

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