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Best Valentine’s Day Kitchen Gifts for a Home Cook | Says CNET

I don’t know who Melinda is but she makes some mighty fine sauces. Many of these dippers and condiments have good heat, although not tear-inducing, but they are also built with complex flavors that make them hot sauces fit for a true chef or food fan. I’ve been crushing hard on the habanero honey mustard and spicy garlic parmesan all year. This is a perfect food gift for Valentine’s Day, you can haul in a gift box sampling of six sauces for $40, and spice up your relationship.

The 58 Best Under $100 Gift Ideas for Him This Holiday Season | Says Men’sHealth

WE’RE OFFICIALLY in the thick of the holiday season, which also means the time is now (if not yesterday) to start thinking about gifts for that special someone. But if the true challenge is to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank, we’ve got your back too. And fortunately, you still have just enough time to pull it off.

In this guide of $100 gift ideas for him, you’ll find tech gadgets, apparel and accessories, grooming gifts, options for the home and kitchen, and novelty items. With such a wide range of products, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone and every occasion, including gifts for sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts for $100 or less that will make you the shopping MVP this holiday season. And you’ll do it all without racking up the credit card debt, which is a victory in its own right.

6 Hot Sauces With the Highest Quality Ingredients | Says EatThisNotThat

Ranging from mild to medium, scorching, and beyond, hot sauce has skyrocketed in popularity, taking on the world by storm. Companies continue inventing their own special variations, sometimes making it difficult to decide which to pick when at the grocery store. But for those who love the thrill of setting their mouths on fire, adding this condiment to your plate means more than just flavoring your food.

Whether you’re pouring a drop or dousing the whole meal, you’re going to want to find high-quality hot sauces that won’t wreak havoc on your health.

This Is the One Chicken Wing Chain That Chefs Actually Rave About | Says EatThisNotThat

Wings, and how they should be prepared and served, can be pretty polarizing. Should you stick with Buffalo style—which was created in the New York city in 1964—or branch out with sweeter sauces or even sauce combos? Should they be served with creamy blue cheese or cooling ranch? Plus, most people are very particular about where they get their favorite chicken wings, and that includes chefs.

We’ve already asked chefs about their favorite chains for burgers and fries—with eye-opening results—now they reveal the chicken wing chains they turn to when a craving strikes.