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10 Best-Tasting Steak Sauces You Can Buy Right Now

“Steak sauce is a surefire way to enhance meat and veggies with a rich, bold flavor in a flash. The tangy condiment is a blend of tomato puree, vinegar, molasses, spices, and herbs, which together pack a punch that’s acidic, sweet, savory, and salty.

Steak sauce is big business. According to a 2023 consumer steak report from Meats by Linz, 55% of respondents typically enjoy eating steak with sauce, with the classic British import A.1. Steak Sauce topping the list of go-to sauces. Some diners are particularly enthusiastic about steak sauce: in 2020, three million Americans used four or more bottles within the last 30 days, according to Statista…”

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